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Our Workshops will start again in February 2024

Using the Power of Make-up to Change Lives​

Look Good Feel Better workshops offer a multitude of benefits for individuals undergoing cancer treatment. These transformative workshops provide practical skills and techniques to manage appearance-related changes, instilling a renewed sense of confidence and self-esteem. Participants gain invaluable knowledge to address skincare concerns and makeup application. Moreover, the supportive environment fosters connections with others who understand their experiences, creating a sense of belonging and emotional support. By empowering individuals to take control of their appearance and overall well-being, Look Good Feel Better workshops help restore a sense of normalcy and enhance the quality of life during the challenging journey of cancer treatment.

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Workshop Attendee, Dublin
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"Just had a Look Good Feel Better session yesterday in St. James’s Hospital. A brilliant session on make-up, how to apply properly and you get a really good gift-bag full of lovely make-up. The session gives you a chance to discuss problems in using make-up whilst on treatment. If anyone has a mother, sister, daughter or friend attending St. James’s Hospital for cancer care I would highly recommend that you contact the hospital to enquire about the session"
Fiona, LGFB Beneficiary
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"The whole experience was outstanding. It's not just about a bit of make-up, it's not about vanity - it's about control. It gives women the strength to fight this horrible disease."